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Julian Atwal: A gambling expert and passionate journalist, Julian Atwal is an inspiring figure in the gambling industry. With his wealth of experience and passion for exploring the world of casinos, he has become an integral part of the team.

gambling expert


Julian Atwal has a unique combination of experience in journalism and deep knowledge in the field of gambling. Since beginning his career as a journalist, he has resolutely turned his attention to the world of casinos and gambling, striving to tell compelling stories and share his knowledge.

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Julien is a recognized expert in his field, providing readers and viewers with in-depth analytical reviews, exclusive interviews with key industry figures and reviews of the latest trends in the world of gambling.


His main mission is to reveal the secrets of casinos, understand gaming strategies and educate the audience about responsible and smart gambling. Julien strives to create a society where every player has the necessary knowledge to play with pleasure and safety.

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